Nicholson: “Lawmakers not responsible for policies”

Can legislative bodies be accountable if their individual members are not?

Jennifer Colton at Greenwood’s Index Journal wrote an interesting article about the political debate in and around Senate District 10. Colton interviewed state senate candidate Floyd Nicholson and asked about his reaction to a mailer documenting Nicholson’s support for higher taxes:

“‘Yes, I did support (the tax increases), but I didn’t do it myself. How can I do this on my own when I’m only one vote?’ he said. The flyer questions Nicholson on a 2008 property tax increase, the 13 percent increase in the 2007 budget from 2006 and the adoption of two new taxes: an accommodations tax and a 2 percent hospitality tax on prepare food and beverages.”

Nicholson’s cryptic response and suggestion that individual voters on the Council should not be held accountable is baffling. Later in the article Nicholson waffles, and he changes course 180 degrees. Nicholson explains:

“I stand behind each vote that I have (in every case) for a tax increase and will be happy to share with you the reasons I felt they were necessary,” he said in his statement. “An elected official is called upon to make difficult decisions, and they are not always popular decisions.”

So the Voice must ask: do local and state lawmakers “stand behind” their records of raising taxes – or – are the tax hikes a “group effort” for which individual voting members are not to blame?


One response to “Nicholson: “Lawmakers not responsible for policies”

  1. What a knuckle head. This guys sounds like a used car salesman!

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