Some Districts take FOIA seriously

The Voice has recently pointed out the low esteem in which too many publicly-funded entities hold the Freedom of Information Act. The number of school district officials demanding exorbitant amounts of money to provide basic information on their financial activities was far too high.

Thankfully, this attitude does not hold true for all school districts in the state.

The Voice would like to thank the school districts that went the extra mile to fulfill the spirit and letter of Freedom of Information Act. These districts provided the information requested in a very timely manner, and free of charge.

  • Oconee County School District: Superintendent Michael Lucas
  • Sumter County School District: Superintendent Frank Baker
  • York 1 School District: Superintendent Russell Booker
  • Abbeville County School District: Superintendent Ivan Randolph
  • Darlington County School District: Superintendent Rainey Knight
  • Lexington County School District 2: Superintendent Venus Holland
  • Anderson County School District 3: Superintendent L. Hugh Smith
  • Bamberg County School District 1: Superintendent Phyllis Schwarting

The Voice would also like to thank Superintendent Schwarting of Bamberg for choosing not to spend any of the taxpayers’ money on conference travel. Hopefully her example will encourage other superintendents to exercise similar restraint.


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