Indifference, hypocrisy and big-spending

• A low-income mother in Charleston is determined to have her children properly educated despite massive institutional resistance from the impersonal Charleston public schools.

Candace Capers has sacrificed living with her three children for the past month so that they might have a better education and, hopefully, a better life.

Capers lives downtown where the neighborhood schools rank among the worst in the county. She got permission five years ago for her daughter to attend school in Mount Pleasant, and now all of her children — ages 4, 6 and 11 — go to schools across the Cooper River.

She drove them to and from class until January, when she lost her job and car. She resolved to keep them in the higher-performing Mount Pleasant schools, and began using public buses to ferry her kids to class. Their futures made the $10 in daily bus fares and four hours of commuting worth it.

But Capers ran out of cash… (more)

• School board members in Beaufort fret over budget cuts but aren’t willing to curtail their own local travel reimbursements.

• Still no explanation for a $1,200 per day public education “consultant” in Charleston.

• A teacher in the Upstate is dismissed after a 5-year old student goes missing.

…school district officials say a lapse in protocol allowed the Rosewood Elementary School kindergartner to hop on bus No. 71 with a friend, cross Rock Hill and go missing for three hours before anyone realized she was gone.

When her mother came to pick her up Monday from the after-school program she’s supposed to attend, the 5-year-old was nowhere to be found.

• Despite tens of millions of dollars in “accountability” funding, state officials still can’t deliver school and district report cards to parents on time.

• And in school choice news: lawmakers in New York have concluded they can’t afford not to adopt school choice this year.

The Voice has already pointed out the impact a similar program would have in South Carolina. Click here to read more


2 responses to “Indifference, hypocrisy and big-spending

  1. Maybe the $1,200 a day consultant in Charleston should give some of her money to the mother trying to help her children getting a good education. Pretty sad that we don’t know why she’s getting paid…

  2. Why does the Superintendent of a local school district need to travel outside the boundaries of the school district? Granted some Superintendents travel due to living outside of their school districts.

    Between travel expences for all of the Phd’s in a given district office and the TERI program, the budget cuts could be done with no impact to State employees livelyhood or impact on the classroom.

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