A “minimally adequate” political ploy

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Push for “high quality education” language in State Constitution is a scam.

South Carolina’s public schools are in shambles. Despite per-student spending of $11,480 per child, only a paltry 45 cents per dollar actually reaches children in the classroom.

Financial excess, mismanagement and waste are just the tip of the iceberg.

South Carolina public schools have the nation’s worst drop-out rate and some of the widest (and fastest growing) race and income gaps.

Even the so-called “best” public schools serving wealthy students are distantly behind their out-of-state peers.

Despite the dire situation, anti-school choice bureaucrats are committed to spending public money to fight against the wishes of parents who want change.

Taxpayer financed lobbyists have actually fought against choice for parents with children who have special needs and even argued against basic financial oversight for the money they already spend.

The facts are clear. In South Carolina:

school choice will help public schools;

school choice will save the state millions of dollars;

school choice will encourage and reward responsible and engaged parenting;

and school choice already exists for college and prekindergarten students.

Still, some of the radically anti-reform politicians continue to fight against school choice – even some whose own children attend private schools!

Their most recent ploy has been to call for a re-write of the State Constitution’s mandates on public education. They have suggested that cutting and pasting a few words into the SC Constitution will radically improve the $11,480 per student schools. In actuality, this will do nothing more than invite another expensive and fruitless series of lawsuits, reminiscent of the fruitless 10-year “Corridor of Shame” trials.

$11,480 per student is more than enough money a child. Private school teachers and home school parents are able to instruct children across South Carolina for just a fraction of that amount (and their students perform exceptionally well).

Rather than invite activist lawsuits and recite shallow platitudes, responsible political leaders should adopt school choice for all parents in South Carolina.


One response to “A “minimally adequate” political ploy

  1. Now is the time for real school choice. The self-serving politicians in Columbia have been too concerned with keeping their power and looking out for the special interests.

    I encourage everyone to call their Senator and Representative and ask them where they stand on the issue!

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