More charter schools in Charleston?


Parents, community leaders and educators are pushing to transform Drayton Hall Elementary School from a standard one-size-fits-all public school into a charter school.

Officials at Drayton Hall are looking to the Charleston County School Board for approval of their proposal – a plan that anti-reform bureaucrats in the Charleston School District have fought against.

Editors at the Post and Courier have weighed in on the proposed charter conversion of Drayton Hall Elementary School in Charleston. They argue that such a conversion would expand access to quality education in Charleston County and build on the success of other such schools throughout the District.

The P&C explains:

“It would be a mistake for local trustees to discourage public school innovation and choice. Start-up charter schools, including the Montessori school in Mount Pleasant and Charleston Development Academy, are making notable progress in moving their students forward. That is good news for Charleston County schools because of the students’ success and the possibility of sharing successful teaching strategies with other schools.”

Sadly, the resistance to change has played out as yet another example of entrenched school administrators fighting against the demands of the teachers and parents they claim to serve.


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