Ed Week: South Carolina earns “D” for public school achievement


Education Week has just released its annual 50-state K-12 education report card.

The nonprofit group (funded by the left-leaning Pew Foundation) publishes this apples-to-apples comparison of public schools each year in order to track student achievement and compare educational effectiveness.

Sadly, South Carolina’s public schools are once again poorly ranked.

Among the highlights:

South Carolina public schools earned a “D” for student achievement (again)

and a “D-” for spending practices (despite over $11,480 in per student allocation)

also a “D-” for college readiness

and worst of all, an “F” for the absolute status of K-12 Achievement

Still, the spin from South Carolina’s highly funded State Department of Education follow shortly.

No doubt they will again explain that South Carolina received high marks (an “A”) for “Standards, Assessment & Accountability). It is unlikely they will explain that these “high standards” are simply not being meet.

“Year after year, its more of the same bad news” explained Randy Page, president of South Carolinians for Responsible Government. “When outside experts make apples-to-apples comparisons we see that public schools in South Carolina are still failing our children.”


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