More K-12 Education Bills in Legislature


In mid-December the Voice posted lists of pre-filed South Carolina House and Senate bills impacting K-12 education. Here are a few more of interest.

From the House:

H. 3120, mandates pupil-to-teacher ratios; includes a reduction of state funding to districts that don’t follow a minimum state-defined ratio. Sponsors: Reps. J.E. Smith and Battle

H. 3125, revises State School Facilities Bond Act and creates a School Facilities Infrastructure Act to expand the state’s role in local district capital projects. Sponsors: Rep. Cobb-Hunter

H. 3145, removes Adjutant General, Agriculture Commissioner, Comptroller General, Secretary of State and Superintendent of Education as elected positions. Sponsors: Reps. Gunn and Wylie

H. 3151, ensures that no student in 7-12 grades is retained in their current grade other than for reason documented in a special-needs Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Sponsors: Rep. Whipper

H. 3175, charter school admittance policies; gives sibling preference for entrance if sibling attended school more than one year. Sponsors: Reps. G.R. Smith and G.M. Smith

H. 3176, charter schools in Greenville school district may not be refused anything available to public school – may apply for grants; may not be charged rent. Sponsors: Reps. G.R. Smith and Wylie

H. 3180, allows school board to choose alternative 4-day school weeks. Sponsors: Rep. Govan

H. 3181, EFA Revision – change to “weighted student cost” – repeals local effort; EIA goes directly to school in the formulas and calculations now used by the Education Finance Act (EFA). This is a move toward smart-funding.
Sponsors: Rep. Clemmons

H. 3191, charter school applications: public notice for hearing within 30 days; right to representation and examining witnesses. Sponsors: Reps. Harrison and Wylie

H. 3202, South Carolina’s State Department of Education to develop model dating violence policy. Sponsors: Rep. Brady

From the Senate:

S. 181, Index of local districts’ taxpaying ability; Department of Revenue (DOR) errors may be corrected February-May. Sponsors: Senator Setzler

S. 221, Truth In Spending Act; requires agencies to keep on-line transaction register and post on-line credit card statements. Sponsors: Senators Grooms, Rose and Shoopman

S. 229, Truth In Spending Act; agencies must post detailed transaction logs on-line. Sponsors: Senators Bryant, Rose and Shoopman


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