Senator Vincent Sheheen talks about School Choice

State Senator Vincent A. Sheheen (D-Chesterfield, Kershaw & Lancaster) talks about public schools public education in South Carolina.

Learn more about public school funding in your district, South Carolina’s alarming graduation rate, persistently low SAT scores, the growing Achievement Gap in South Carolina, and the use of HOPE, LIFE and Palmetto Fellows scholarships at private colleges.

Also read about school choice’s benefits in terms of parental rights, student achievement and cost savings; even, how school choice will help public schools.


3 responses to “Senator Vincent Sheheen talks about School Choice

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  2. Sheheen may be a nice guy, but he needs to answer these questions with REAL answers, not what we’ve been hearing for years.Maybe this will get him to start thinking the issue through from another perspective?

  3. As a parent of 2 sons, who are now 19 and 16, I have battled the local school systems. For many reasons, 1 they teach them political correctness, how to accept other life styles. 2 the teachers are not always qualified to teach the subject they teach nor do they like to teach. the unions have the public schools so warped in their thinking, there is no recovery, the only alternative is private or charter. Maybe the public school systems need to look at why the private sectors of this country do better….. The Government cant do a D—- thing right….LS

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