Senator Lourie learns: School Choice saves public schools money (VIDEO)

In this clip from 2007, South Carolina State Senator Joel Lourie (D-Kershaw and Richland) discusses the finances behind school choice with Senator Louis Vaughn (ret.) on the “This Week in the Senate” show, hosted by President Pro Tempore Glenn F. McConnell (R-Charleston).

As Senator Vaughn explains, school choice will save local public schools money.

If parents take a tax credit for placing their children in a private school or home schooling them, then the local public school district continues to receive thousands of dollars in county-raised taxes and federal appropriations which can be used to further fund those children remaining in the public schools.

School choice: best for families, best for public schools, best for South Carolina.

One response to “Senator Lourie learns: School Choice saves public schools money (VIDEO)

  1. Elizabeth Moffly

    Senator Lourie needs to review Econ 101 with Senator Vaungh(ret). School choice should be left to the taxpaying parents who are ultimately responsible for the best interest of our children’s education and discipline. The dumbing down and over crowding issues could be resolved inside the monoply of government institutionalized public schools that is charged with moving the economy forward. Education is the largest government employer. Take SC Commission of Higher ED diploma requirements of 19 HS credit and compare it to SC State HS diploma of 24. That is 5 more credits than needed to attain college placement. Why? Economic motivations for gov’t salaries. This has nothing to do with moving forward in the best interest of student achievement.

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