Parents weigh in on School Choice for South Carolina


From the Island Packet: “Give South Carolinians Meaningful School Choice” by Tom Hatfield of Hilton Head Island.

…While some strongly object to using public funds for private schools, they do not appear to object to spending taxpayer dollars for private South Carolina colleges and universities. Why not give K-12 students the same opportunity? Others state, “There is no accountability.” Same answer. However, if that is a real problem, solve it. Don’t bury it.

No doubt the government educational system (the state Department of Education) sees private education as a competitor that would diminish its financial and political power. You will hear officials state every possible excuse for not, at least, trying it. They spend nearly $2 of every $3 of state revenue collected. In spite of their efforts and this huge expenditure, student achievement still is woefully lagging…

From the Spartanburg Herald Journal: “School choice: We can all benefit academically, financially” by Brantlee Dillard Fulmer.

…Fifteen states around the nation implemented school choice programs and reaped similar rewards in saved money and in improved student performance. Most important is that these school choice programs provided parents opportunities to decide whether a public, private or religious school would best meet the needs of their child.

If school choice can improve the lives of families in Florida, it can do the same in South Carolina. As the economy struggles and available funds shrink, South Carolina lawmakers may want to consider the financial and academic boon that school choice has been to Florida and other states and implement similar measures here…

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