Sunshine on Beaufort County School District


The Sunshine Review is an awesome new wiki-style website that provides transparency to government through user-input and online cooperation.

Like Wikipedia, the Sunshine Review can be edited by anyone with the time and interest to do so. It also has strict rules about source citation. The easy to use wiki-format even allows for ongoing updates. Simply put, Sunshine Review is a one-stop-shop for all the oversight and transparency that parents and taxpayers deserve access to.

An excellent example of how Sunshine Review works can be seen at its great article on the Beaufort County School District. Among the highlights:

A chart of six highest salaried administrators in the district.

Details of a $55,000 contract for the district’s website.

Information about controversial responses to Freedom of Information Act requests.

A summary of the districts settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit

Learn more, and participate by providing your own well documented information, by visiting,_South_Carolina

One response to “Sunshine on Beaufort County School District

  1. That’s pretty cool stuff. I was the Beaufort Gazette’s reporter on the Laverne Davis settlement stuff, and it was pretty interesting to see the pickle the school board and district got into when it tried to use confidentiality as a bargaining tool with former employees.

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