Prioritizing education in South Carolina


The Sun News reports that private school enrollment is growing despite downturns in the economy.

For Pam Ezell, who has four daughters, the decision to enroll her youngest daughter, Chloe, 3, in a Catholic pre-K program next year wasn’t about money.

“We pulled her from her school after Christmas because we weren’t happy with some of the things she was coming home with,” Ezell said. “It’s a matter of prioritizing, and this is important to us, so you find the money. It would be a little tight to enroll all four girls right now, but that’s eventually the plan.”

Times and Democrat editorialist Howard Hill argues for data-driven school choice:

Independent schools are believed to promote better educational opportunities for K-12 students, and they are facilitators of achievement gains made in public schools – even the ones advertising themselves as schools of choice. Public school choice programs are developed in response to independent schools and school choice paradigms.

Staunch public school advocates feel some independent schools provide families with better services, such as being in firmer control of disciplinary matters, providing rigid instructional programs, bridging the achievement gap between small numbers of minority and white students, effecting total parental involvement, and doing things public schools do not do as well. School choice does provide families with choices.

The Rock Hill Herald explains how sinking marks on public school report cards has spurred yet-another “reform” proposal from Jim Rex:

A “get tough” intervention program. Principals and teachers could be fired from schools that score “at risk,” the bottom rating, for four consecutive years. Rex’s measure is before a House committee now. “It’s about turning those schools around more quickly,” Rex said.

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