Spartanburg 7 Slaps Parents in the Face…Again


Political Spin and AstroTurfing – paid for by you!

Spartanburg School District 7 is rapidly gaining in notoriety around the state. Unfortunately all the attention has been gained by unethical and unwise practices by the District 7 School Board, and by the monumental arrogance and ineptitude of Superintendent Thomas White.

Previous to the uproar over “Golf Gate,” White has taken every opportunity afforded by his position as a district employee to sanctimoniously tell parents that he knows what is best for families in Spartanburg County.

His favorite means of doing this? Telling parents that he has already provided every option that they could ever need for educating their child, so they should not be allowed to have any others.

Basically, it doesn’t matter how badly White and the board mismanage tax dollars, or how far short they fall of high academic performance in District 7, the district bureaucrats still fundamentally don’t believe parents could pick something better for themselves.

District 7 bureaucrats have said,”We’ve decided you can have access to options A and B. There’s no conceivable situation where we feel you should need or want option C, but be content, you have choices.”

Now it appears that White is using some of the $275,000+ wasted on “marketing” to make sure parents know that his wisdom has already provided everything for the education of their children that they could need. Considering White’s previously vehement opposition to real school choice, choices that parents make for themselves, it seems pretty ironic that he would be hosting a “School Choice Fair.”

There does need to be a gathering of concerned parents in Spartanburg District 7, but instead of gathering to listen to White excuse his own actions and force opinions he doesn’t get paid to have on taxpayers, parents need to gather and decide if they are really content with the way things are going in District 7.

The fact is, everyone knows that so-called “public school choice” is a complicated bureaucratic plan to shuffle a few “luck” kids from one under-performing public school to another.

Are parents happy that District 7 has only been rated “Average” and “Below Average” for the last four years? Are parents content with the district’s graduation rate steadily dropping over the last 5 years? Are parents eager to have their tax dollars managed by people who have openly misused them and never taken responsibility?

Allowing the people responsible for these failures to dictate policy and public opinion on something as important as equality of opportunity through school choice is answering “Yes!” to all of the above.


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