Spartanburg Superintendent White at it again!

South Carolina’s favorite anti-School Choice zealot, Superintendent Thomas White of Spartanburg District 7, is back with more of his “zany” taxpayer-funded antics.

Among other recent White highlights endured by the scandal-weary parents and taxpayers in Spartanburg:

Superintendent White publicly argued for “honkering down and protecting the classroom” and “accepting responsibility” as parents demanded his “immediate resignation” for White’s allocation of $200,000 in school money to a private golf club he is a member of.

Superintendent White and his lawyers defended themselves against accusations that the  golf course payout was illegal by insisting parent and taxpayers’ opinions do not make his decisions “right, wrong or indifferent.”

Superintendent responded to concerns about the three persistently failing schools in his district by insisting that choices about the education ought to be in the hands of education bureaucrats rather than parents.

Superintendent White used his new high-dollar district logo to advertise grassroots Astroturf meetings about public school choice limited public school transfers.


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