Sen. Ryberg on South Carolina public schools (VIDEO)

“158 students lost each school day in the last four years”

This is a great video of State Senator Greg Ryberg (R-Aiken) speaking passionately about a persistent lack of focus and effectiveness in South Carolina’s public schools.

A bill was written to allow a certain local district to subtract 3-days from it’s required 180-days of classroom instruction.

It was determined that this had to be addressed on a statewide basis, and there was an attempt at amending the measure to apply its 3-day “snow day” rule to all school districts in South Carolina. It is this expanded snow-day policy which Senators called “a gesture of extending good will” to the 85 local school districts.

Senator Ryberg addressed his colleagues about the triviality of giving students more time off when the state is facing a massive dropout rate, an embarrassing inability to prepare students for higher education and sinking SAT scores.

Thankfully there is some good news.

Senator Ryberg and others in Senate are sponsoring the SC Education Opportunity Act. This bill will allow parents a real choice. It will reward engaged parents who make responsible choices for their children by providing them with modest tax credits. It will similarly reward corporations that donate money to charities that provide low-income children with scholarships. This also means more money for public schools and smaller class sizes.

Both Democrats and Republicans in the South Carolina Senate have realized that School Choice is the long-overdue reform that families, students and taxpayers deserve.

UPDATE: Senator Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson), who is also a sponsor of S. 520, has been blogging from the floor about the snow-day debate and Senator Ryberg’s insights about public school failures.


One response to “Sen. Ryberg on South Carolina public schools (VIDEO)

  1. The causes of drop out and being ignored. Why does SC require 24 credits for a state high school diploma and the Commission of Higher Education recommends 19 credit for admission consideration. This is 5 additional courses than needed. The “extension of goodwill” for teacher employment inside monopolized governmental services is a burden to the taxpayer and students. The accountability to test and measure our students to hold teachers accountable for instruction only punishes the student, while retaining ineffective teachers. Standardization of our children in our one-size-fits all standards of instruction removes our students unalienable rights protected under the constitutional. Individuals are entitled to equal rights, but not equal ability. We punish weakness and ignore strengths. There will always be an achievement gap in education and wealth in a democracy. Socialism is the only truism to eliminate democracy and individual rights.

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