Failing schools are blaming parents in South Carolina


Education choice,” a letter to the editor of the Charleston Post and Courier.

Please call your legislators and ask them to support the Education Opportunity Act S.520. I attended public schools, as have my four children. For over 16 years, I have endured the abuse and neglect of my children inside public schools. Schools continually accuse parents and children for their failures in a one-size-fits-all system.

Protectionism of teachers unions to safeguard government employment services under the veil of accountability to the taxpayer has been nothing but smoke and mirrors. The health of our children’s future opportunities is best decided by parental rights to make educational decisions over government monopolies that would treat our children like mere creatures of the state. Democracy calls for free-market competition of choice including education.

Failure is not a choice under the principles of economic sustainability. The rules of supply and demand require customer service, in conjunction with customer satisfaction. Public education has failed the basic market principle that diplomas count.

Presently, South Carolina ranks 49th in economic development based on our low graduation rate. Democracy only works when citizens actively participate. Those who want to stay in a failing system still have the choice under S.520, but the rest of us deserve a choice not to participate in a failing system.

E. M., Awendaw


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