Public Schools: your taxes are OURS!

Sen. Robert Ford: Failing public schools are destroying our children

Statewide there are 185 failing public schools.

There are 73,722 children trapped in these schools – 92% are from low-income families and 77% are African-American.

Defenders of the status quo are offering excuses and personal attacks, Senator Ford is offering a solution.

2 responses to “Public Schools: your taxes are OURS!

  1. Well, that answers a lot of questions for me. It isn’t about my family, it’s about tools like Mack getting “their” tax dollars. Where do we find these people, and how do they run our state? That whole bunch in the video should be embarrassed.

  2. All that talk about “buying robert back” is self-righteous BS. The people standing up and endorsing a system that HOLDS KIDS DOWN are the ones who are totally sold out! They should try coming to a conclusion on their own without being told what to think by bureaucrats and special interests.

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