Calls for School Choice in SC attract national attention

National Review’s “Media Malpractice” criticized the State Newspaper’s Roddie Burris for sloppy reporting on Senator Robert Ford’s support of School Choice:

…Unfortunately, Mr. Burris fails to offer any proof that private school families have been the biggest voucher backers. While it’s difficult to determine who the biggest supporters are, Mr. Burris might be surprised to learn that, so far, minorities have been the biggest beneficiaries of voucher programs that are currently operating in cities across the country. For example, according to the Department of Education, nearly 90 percent of children participating in the school voucher program in Washington, D.C. are African-American. Nine percent are Hispanic…

Talkshow host Neal Boortz condemned anti-school choice protesters in Charleston, and the lawmakers working to appease them:

…[giving parents choices] infuriates a lot of lawmakers ….. they can’t get a hold of your children quite as easily if they don’t submit to their government education! Besides .. these political hacks have teacher’s unions to please.

The “One News Now” political website interviewed Senator Robert Ford about support for School Choice and frustration with Democrats who are defending public school failure:

“They stay in their little nest, and then they satisfy each other’s ignorance and stupidity by being in that nest,” Ford notes. “You got to leave that nest sometime and find out what the rest of the world is doing.”

According to Ford, the Democratic Party is failing its constituents, especially its minority constituents, on the educational issue. Ford supported Obama in the general election, and he hopes that Obama will step up to the plate and take a leadership role when it comes to education — especially since the president was able to benefit from educational choice as a child and his daughters are able to do the same in DC, he points out.

Bloggers at “Hot Air!” wondered what principals at failing public schools in South Carolina have in common with AIG executives:

Outrage over retention bonuses have become all the, well, rage these days, literally and figuratively, after AIG paid over $165 million to 73 execs to keep them around while they work to end their jobs. But what about retention bonuses for failing schools instead of arbitrageurs? … seventeen principals in South Carolina will get bonuses despite running schools that don’t even measure up to mediocrity


One response to “Calls for School Choice in SC attract national attention

  1. As homeschoolers here in VT, we’re holding our breaths to see how much longer we’ll be able to give our own kids a decent, non-brainwashed eduction: powerful, POWERFUL group, that NEA!

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