12 South Carolina lawmakers are tax-evaders

Senator W. Greg Ryberg (R-Aiken) dropped a bombshell in the South Carolina Senate today.

He announced that twelve sitting members of the SC General Assembly have failed to properly file and pay their state income taxes. The combined liabilities of just three of the House Members who are negligent exceed $21,000.00

Ryberg explained:

“The idea that any member of the General Assembly would hold the laws of this state in so little regard that they simple ignore them when they find them inconvenient truly offends me.”

Sen. Ryberg, an outspoken advocate of fiscal discipline and efficient use of public money, proceeded to introduce a series of bills that would require legislators and state constitutional officers to pay their taxes or forfeit their public office. Gubernatorial appointees would be held to the same standard.

News of the tax-evasion by SC lawmakers comes in the midst of a heavily publicized debate over the State’s budget, the possible use of one-time federal bailout money to fund reoccurring  expenses, and the unwillingness of some Senators to even vote on an alternative budget proposal that increases core government services without annualizations by re-prioritizing existing spending.

The legislation immediately gained bi-partisan support as State Senator Robert Ford (D-Charleston) requested to be added as a sponsor. Senators Ford and Ryberg are both primary sponsors of the Education Opportunity Act (S. 520), a law that will expand equal access to independent schools and homeschooling through modest tax credits.


5 responses to “12 South Carolina lawmakers are tax-evaders

  1. anarchistpov

    What are their names?

  2. All I can do is laugh! This behavior has become the norm for our politicians. These are the people our children are suppose to look up to and mold their lives by. It’s a sad day in America! In my opinion these are the people that teach our children to lie, cheat and steal. And we wonder why our children are wild. These are probably the people that vote to raise cigarette tax (and I’m not a smoker) but not tax alcohol. Did you know you can get a 24 ounce beer cheaper than a soda? We need to run them all out on a rail and put people in that have good moral values. If its possible to find them.

  3. the names were not given to the senator but no doubt they will come out soon
    my guess is that some of the clowns that want to deny homeschooling parents tax credits are on the evaders list

  4. Mike Betancourt

    I want to know who these 12 legislators are and have their names broadcast over the various media outlets so that they can feel totally ashamed and embarrassed. After that, they deserve to be expelled from office.

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