Educators Plead With Senators to Help Children

“We’re losing our young men in this state. Some kids just need a different approach, a different environment to achieve.”- Col. Nathaniel Green, Eagle Military Academy

Eagle Military Academy is just one of the small, private schools around South Carolina serving low income students who could not make it in failing public schools. Last week’s Senate K-12 Education subcommittee meeting gave several representatives from these schools an opportunity to tell senators  how much their schools are doing to help children who would otherwise have no hope for an education and a future.

The overwhelming message of these schools:  “Give us the means to help more needy children.”

Senate Bill 520 provides an easy and accountable way for poor families to have access to private schools. Student Scholarship Organizations would receive contributions from individuals and corporations and disperse the money in the form of scholarships to families below 200% of the federal poverty level. For far less than the amount spent in public schools, privately donated scholarships can take a student out of a one-size-fits-all failing school, and into an environment truly geared toward helping them.

Senators have in their hands the opportunity to help schools like Eagle Military Academy continue to provide quality education and personal care for children who desperately need it. The other option is to ignore the pleas of desperate parents, children and educators, and take the easy route of caving in to education establishment bullying and fear mongering.


6 responses to “Educators Plead With Senators to Help Children

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  3. E.G. Martin

    Pl. name names of those politicians who send their children to private schools and also vote against vouchers and school choice. Such embarrassment might get some votes. (assuming, perhaps wrongly, that they are capable of being embarrassed.)

  4. E.G. Martin

    You see there’s the problem; no guts.

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