Parents head to Columbia, demand School Choice

Melissa Melvin, a parent from York County, testifies before the SC Senate K-12 Education Subcommittee about her personal experiences dealing with the public school system in South Carolina. Like dozens of other parents, she wanted lawmakers to know that families across the State expect public policies which put students first.

Learn more about S.520, the Education Opportunity Act here.


2 responses to “Parents head to Columbia, demand School Choice

  1. Melissa Melvin

    I am Melissa Melvin. I have written dozens of emails and made hundreds of phone calls to SC educrats who are only protecting the status quo. The top lobbyist for Dr. Rex makes SIX figures – I quit my six figure job to actually educate ONE child. THAT’S how important education is to ME. How important is it to Dr. Rex and those who “incessantly” resist the changes necessary to get SC out of the bottom of pile?

  2. I have a lot of concerns about the education here in SC my daughter is in Kidergarten she will be retained and have to repeat Kidergarten I have made many compliants about the teacher and I have gotten no where, now I am fighting to send my sone to a different High school thats in district 5 but for some reason they will not allow him to attend I have wrote a letter protesting the issue my son wants to play football and he is an honor student and I want this to continue by allowing hime school choice I know my son want fall through the cracks.

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