Parents are Talking, Are Lawmakers Listening? (VIDEO)

Dozens of parents have testified before state senators about the need families have for real school choice, and thousands more have visited the Statehouse over the last three years to plead with lawmakers for a fair chance at quality education.

Private school educatorshome school parents and public school parents have pointed out example after example of children with educational needs that local public schools are unable, or unwilling to meet.

Lawmakers, like State Senator Robert Ford, have pointed out the injustice of confining thousands of children to failing public schools, with no education, and no hope for anything better.

Even in front of the parents pleading with the state senate for help, education officials and establishment insiders stand up and try to divert lawmakers’ attention away from parents, and back to the wants of the establishment.

Lawmakers need to listen to the people in their districts who want real choices, and act accordingly.


33 responses to “Parents are Talking, Are Lawmakers Listening? (VIDEO)

  1. Very powerful clip.
    Rex comes across as very callous.

  2. Florence Mom

    Yes, Jim Rex DOES come across as very callous. What working alternatives has he proposed? More of the same. He appears to be protecting the establishment and letting South Carolina’s children (and parents) sit by the wayside. He doesn’t seem to trust that parents will and do make good decisions for their own children and that is a shame.

  3. Certainly invites question about role of the state sup… implementing policies or trying to author them.

  4. sturdy woman

    Mr Status Quo whines again. The powerful frustration voiced in these parents ought not to be ignored any longer.

  5. I have always thought Mr. Rex was on the wrong track. I do not think he even hears what people are saying. A distraction? He needs to go and hopefully we can put someone into his position that will better the education here in SC instead of trying to hold it back. On a personal note, I may be running for an open SC house seat and this issue will be one on the top of my list.

  6. More important than asking if the State Sup position is or ought to be legislative or executive in nature, the over-arching problem is one of politicalization of K-12 education (in this case defense of failure) and a lack of responsiveness by those entrusted to support students and teachers

  7. Charleston Dad

    Dr. Rex,

    If the horse is dead, dismount!

  8. Hi to anyone that will read my note, If the education system does not update the classes and let parents put forth their inputs. S.C. will always be at the bottom of the system national I guess the state likes to be know national for poor schools and failures rate. I had two daughters which I and my wife gave allot of time in teaching them ,both are have great jobs, one working on her PHD and working in hospital. The system is falling apart if parents can not turn the tide.

  9. Keith Malinak

    Mr. Rex-

    On behalf of parents like me who support real school choice, we’re soooo sorry you had to come to Columbia yet again for this “distraction.” You arrogant elitist.

    I guess if poor education were ever solved (which real choice would provide) you’d be out of a job!

  10. Brian J. Roach

    School choice already exists in this state. If parents want to send their child to a private school or homeschool their child, then they are able to do so.

    Can we stop demonizing the public system and really have an honest discussion as to why students are failing? Maybe this would be a nice start.

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  12. Dr. Rex is obviously upset that parental involvement includes parental rights to make the best educational decision for their children with their tax dollars. How novel of parents and insensitive of public ed to dismiss this concept as a distraction. Schools are held accountable to the taxpayers and continue to fail the accountability test. The states consistent failure is a kin to why kids drop out. Parents want and deserve the right to drop out of this system of failure.

  13. How very sad that this person who is in a position to literally SAVE lives by putting all of our children in the best possible environment, allowing them to succeed, refers to this as a distraction. I am truly too outraged to comment further. God help this ignorant, self centered fool!

  14. Greenville/Parent

    Hopefully we can elect a caring person who cares about our children future and not about politics.

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