Jim Rex appoints public school Failure Czar

Successful Failure Jim Rex Amanda Burnette

Superintendent”Drop Out Jim” Rex knows:
In South Carolina one-size-fits-all government schools, it pays to fail!

Consider this story from the Gaffney Ledger (6/15), based on a Department of Education press release (6/11)

“State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex announced Friday that Amanda Burnette, principal of J.V. Martin Junior High School in Dillon, will head a new statewide initiative to turn around some of South Carolina’s most challenged schools.”

In other words, the principal of a notoriously ineffective public school is now in charge of the statewide effort to turn around all the South Carolina “Dropout Factories“.

Does Burnette’s professional track-record give any clue as to what parents can expect?

A good place to look would be the performance ratings of her owndropout factory“, courtesy of South Carolina’s own Educational Barney Fife (the Educational Oversight Committee, or “EOC“).

J V Martin School Report Card.jpg

2008: At-Risk (formerly called “unsatisfactory,” formerly “failing“)

2007: At-Risk (formerly called “unsatisfactory,” formerly “failing“)

In other words, Amanda Burnette perpetuated the same failing policies at J. V. Martin that were crafted and implemented by former principal Danny R. Price in 2005 and 2006.

J V Martin Absolute Rating.jpg

And failure is not just a blip on her resume, its a trend.

Before arriving at J. V. Martin, Burnette she steered John E Ewing Middle in Gaffney from “Average” (2004) down to “Below Average” (2005 & ’06) and took Blacksburg Elementary from “Good” (2001) down to “Average (2002, ’03, and & ’04)

State Superintendent of Schools “Drop Out Jim” Rex was quick to chime in with praise and accolades for his own decision to appoint Burnette as Failure Czar, noting that “Amanda Burnette is the ideal person to lead this effort. Her enthusiasm, creativity and vigor were integral to improving teaching and learning at J.V. Martin Junior High.”

Dropout Jim has a long track record of cherry picking the best and the brightest in his one-size-fits-all government schools to provide with faux awards, hollow honorifics, and high dollar titles. Among some of the recent highlights:

Piling awards on a Charleston public school principal accused of systemic test cheating

Issuing “red carpet awards” to schools where 2/3rd of students test below grade level in basic skills

Promoting lunchroom nutritional awards at schools federally identified as “persistently failing”

Sitting by idly as principals at nationally ranked “worst schools” were issued performance pay bonus in the midst of the economic downturn.

Dropout Jim will not, and can not, solve the problems of persistently failing schools by shuffling around state and local bureaucrats. Instead he ought to look toward the advice of Senator Robert Ford (D-Charleston) and listen to the pleas of parents who are calling for real reform. That means real School Choice.


8 responses to “Jim Rex appoints public school Failure Czar

  1. I would blame Obama. Here’s how: Rex would not be appointing this woman, and chasing headlines, if Obama did not expolit the school’s failure by making a soundbite out of it.
    Best part is that the school was only “saved” by private sector donations after the news broke on the national scenes, not through any forces inside the district or state government…

  2. Let me see, the perversion of the principles of “No Child Left Behind” lead to school choice IF your assigned school fails to meet the AYP standards. I’ll grant, this seems a backhanded approach by educrats to mockingly build “choice” for the nihiliscient, though it seems to be little more choice than offered Soviet shoppers.

  3. This insanity shows exactly why we need REAL school choice, and not that NCLB “public transfer” or the Jim Rex “open enrollment” dog and pony show.
    Give the poor and rural kids trapped in Amanda Burnette’s dropout school the tools to attend a private school, or transfer to another district, and see how public schools officials are forced to clean up their act!

  4. Denise Galub-Snelling

    Serious a Failure Czar will never help any of these schools. Parents that spend time with their children are the only ones that will EVER help these schools. Put the responsibility where it lies with PARENTS. Are you guys down here all that stupid or what the Northerners have been saying is right . Ya’ll are just plain STUPID

  5. Krohn E. Ism

    Maybe next Rex can get the director of the Chernobyl site to come improve South Carolina’s energy policies!

  6. Krohn E. Ism

    Or ask Kim Jong Il to come do a workshop on economic development?

  7. Krohn E. Ism

    Or perhaps call in Bernie Madoff to revamp the Department of Education’s transparency policies?

  8. Failing public school attendee, private school graduate, SC public school teacher

    Parental involvement is the best solution to improve SC public schools, not another highly paid official. Public schools cannot be responsible for FAILING parents.

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