Paul Krohne of SCSBA is insulated

Paul krohne

“Schools protecting turf”

A letter to the Sun News editor by Robert G. Holland Sr. of Myrtle Beach.

Ever wonder why local school boards elected by the people pay dues to belong to their own statewide association?

The letter by Paul Krohne, executive director of the S.C. School Boards Association, shows why (“Truth comes out: Vouchers don’t help poor,” May 12). The objective is to insulate local boards from credible challenge and preserve the status quo in public education.

Krohne sneers about advocates of school choice failing during the recent hearings in Columbia to invoke the largely discredited argument that competition will improve public schooling in South Carolina. Huh? The truth is that when competition has been introduced elsewhere into K-12 education, it has raised student achievement and parental satisfaction.

Mainly Krohne turned the possibility of tax credits helping some private schools stay in business into a smear against all potential beneficiaries. Of course, the demise of a private sector would increase costs and class sizes in the public schools, but evidently that would be hunky-dory with those who believe the government schools have exclusive claim on parents’ pocketbooks and their children.


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