South Carolina’s Jim Rex likes vacation, not tough questions

Jim Rex Beach Vacation South Carolina

Superintendent “Dropout Jim” Rex went down to the sunny shores of beautiful Myrtle Beach this week to enjoy some hard-earned taxpayer-financed pampering.

From the controversial SCASA summer retreat, Rex conducted his annual State of the School Address, an event that Jim and his publicists are trying desperately to make into a major media event.

That didn’t quite happen this year.

Even before the dramatic story of Governor Sanford’s trip to the Appalachian Trail Argentina crowded out other news events, Rex failed to secure any live broadcast television or radio coverage of the speech.

Still, the Columbia NBC affiliate, WIS, sent star reporter and anchor Judi Gaston to conduct an interview/Q&A with “Dropout Jim” that was streamed live on the WIS website.

Early in the interview Gaston asked Rex directly about the extravagance of sending school administrators to the high-dollar SCASA retreat in Myrtle Beach while classroom teachers were still losing their jobs across the state.

WBTW has since reported on how a visibly irritated Rex responded:

Rex was also careful to shoot straight about concerns from taxpayer watchdog groups about the high cost of putting 800 up in nice ocean-front hotel rooms and feeding them for several days and nights at a time.

“They’re working hard,“ said Rex. “While we’re doing a lot of this sort of thing online to cut out travel, at least once a year we need to pull these people together and let them work together on the very persistent problems.”

Just how 800+ bureaucrats (who were encouraged to bring their families and make a vacation of the event) sunning themselves at a four-star resort in Myrtle Beach will solve South Carolina’s “very persistent problems” remains to be seen. The publicly funded excess won’t like do much for the 73,000 children trapped in failing SC public schools.

Following the hour long discussion, Rex spent another hour in an online “chat room” where he continued to dodge meaningful questions about the persistent failure of his educational policies.

Case-in-point, “Sam” types in asking about Rex’s recent use of the term “dropout factory.”

Dropout Factories Jim Rex South Carolina

Acutally, as viewers can see in this video, Rex did use the term in Greenville, and even claims to use it as a matter of habit.

“Sam” explained this to Rex:

Sam 2

…but Rex wasnt having any of it. Unwilling to deal with the facts of the speech and his slurs about failing schools, Rex changes course:

Sam 3

…leading Sam to ask if Rex is uniformly against parental option, or only fighting them in the K-12 grades:

Sam 5

After that … Nothing.

Jim Rex went on to answer a question about gardening at public elementary schools and his favorite college football team, but would not explain why he personally supports school choice for college students, and school choice for prekindergarten students, but not K12 students.


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