More Jim Rex Ethics Antics

Superintendent Jim Rex of South Carolina

The Voice has never been shy about calling out “Dropout Jim” Rex for using taxpayer funds to reward and retain his loyal political consultant, Zeke Stokes (or f0r personal politicking)

In fact, after posting the numbers on how much Rex was paying his former campaign manager, questions from several news sources had Rex scrambling to show just how invaluable his consultant was in educating children in South Carolina.

Now, South Carolinians can see more of Rex’s financial dealings with his trusted consultant.

On Rex’s most recent Ethics Commission filing, the following shows up as a “contribution” from Zeke Stokes

Payment from Zeke

On the same filing, under “Expenditures,” Rex lists a payment to Zeke Stokes for $30.69 for “Printing 2010”-

Payment to Zeke

That’s funny, it’s the same amount!

It would seem “Shifty” Jim is getting a little free printing done for a 2010 campaign.

…and in case you missed it: South Carolina’s own “Failure Czar” Amanda Burnette is also a “Dropout Jim” donor too!

Amanda Burnette Jim Rex Contribution

Based on her own string of well-publicized professional failures parents and taxpayers are left to assume Amanda Burnette “earned” her appointment the cash-and-carry way!


4 responses to “More Jim Rex Ethics Antics

  1. Dress Right

    Very funny picture and good point about the blurry line between political consultants and state employees/contractors. Wesley Donehue is another example (though oddly Wes revels in attention and spotlight while Zeke is more behind-the-scenes). You ought to also cross check the full time SDE employee list with donors to Jim Rex. Not just up to the election of 2006, but more disturbing perhaps, AFTER it. As for Amanda Burnette, I bet $455 in classroom supplies for impoverished JV Martin would have been a better use of the money!

  2. HazChezBurger

    Amanda Burnette’s new job is just about PR; there are plenty of staffers and consultants working on the PPriority Schools; not too surprising she is in Club 455, that is more about Dem versus Gop for the Sup’s seat than about Rex specifically (or atleast that is how he is casting it)

  3. I’m glad you didn’t accuse Stokes or Rex of anything illegal, because I don’t think it is. All the same, I’m guessing neither would want this publicized. Nice redo of Rex’s logo.

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