Superintendent Jim Rex: A Performance Review

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How has Jim Rex and his $3 million staff done?

That’s a good question, and one that parents and taxpayers throughout South Carolina are asking.

Consider these “areas of concern” from South Carolina’s own Educational Barney Fife (the Educational Oversight Committee, or “EOC“) annual report:

Eleven of the twelve school districts rated At Risk in 2008 have been rated either At Risk or Below Average for
at least the past three years.

Only two of 50 persistently underperforming (i.e., rated Below Average or At Risk for four years) and two of the 16 Palmetto Priority schools elevated their ratings;

Fifty percent of charter schools are rated At Risk;

Improvement in some middle schools was matched by declines in others;

Reading performance continues to trail other content areas;

Almost one-fourth (23.7 percent) of our schools serve school populations in which 90 percent or more students are poor. In contrast only 47 of over 1172 schools serve student populations in which 30 percent or fewer students are poor.

Also, regular readers of the Voice will know that:

73,000 children remain trapped in failing South Carolina public schools

Negative publicity has been deliberately limited through the expanded use of faux awards for underperforming and failing public schools.

High dollar consultants and contractors continue to profit handsomely from failed policies despite tightened state and district budgets.

Dropout Jim” Rex actually held a highly publicized and wildly successful “prevention conference” to celebrate his 56,000th high school dropout.

Black/White and Poor/Rich student gaps have widened not just in NAEP and PACT test scores, but also in SAT, ACT, and AP scores and participation rates

Suffice it to say: Jim Rex is not likely to earn himself either a salary hike or an annual bonus this year!


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