Traditional Public Schools Not Ideal for Every Child

Square Peg in a Round Hole_0565

One-size-fits-all government schools: YOUR tax dollars forcing a square peg into a round hole.

With the help of a $191,000 federal grant, an after-school program will be able starting up at an Aiken County elementary school.
Aiken Families in Transition,” the grant recipient, will take in up to 125 students who need after-school help in a wide variety of academic and critical-thinking subjects.

According to a State Department of Education press release, Superintendent Rex expressed encouragement for the program, stating, “ Students who are struggling in class can get a real academic boost in a well-run after-school setting.”

Through a variety of grants and private contributions, some of the needy students in Aiken County are going to get the instruction they need to compete and excel. For these students, who undoubtedly have a wide variety of learning needs and aptitudes, this help is going to come from outside a traditional, public school classroom.
The focused environment of an after-school learning program, or tutoring facility, is often extremely helpful in boosting a student’s understanding of the subjects they learned during the day at school. There is no question that the one-size-fits-all environment of local public schools is not ideal for every student. Would it not make sense to give families the option of enrolling their child in a school that is already geared toward meeting that student’s learning needs? Educating children should be the true focus of education, and whether that takes place in a public or private school should not matter.

Time after time Superintendent Rex has stated the need for more education choices, and admitted the benefit of diverse school environments. Rex’s enthusiasm for the choices that parents want-and need- is always thrown out the window when it is suggested that choice outside of public schools should be available.

Choice that is limited to public schools is no choice at all, it is more of the same broken system that South Carolinians are disillusioned with, and all of Jim Rex’s repackaging will never change that.


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