About the Voice for School Choice

“The Voice for School Choice” is committed to presenting timely and informative information regarding the need for expanding educational opportunities and options.  The statistics speak for themselves:  it is time for a real change in how education is delivered in South Carolina.  Here at the “Voice” we believe the best way to reform the system is by giving parents a greater say in how and where their children are educated.  Our posts will reflect that sentiment.  We encourage you to check back often and share your comments as we continue the effort to move South Carolina forward.

For more information contact Neil Mellen, Communications Director at South Carolinians for Responsible Government.


3 responses to “About the Voice for School Choice

  1. I appreciate your blog and hope I can be as successful. I just started a blog for school choice grassroots in Texas.

    Bob in Texas

  2. Nice blog. I’m just southeast of you in Athens, GA. Considering a move to SC and found your blog while researching private schools in SC .

  3. Check out greatschools.net. It’s the best national database for school shopping.

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