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Anderson District 1 Smoke And Mirrors Budget

Superintendent Wayne Fowler Anderson District One

This coming 2009-10 school year, public schools in Anderson County District One are slated to receive funding of $8,194 per child.

Of that sum, $4,053 comes from state government, $656 from the federal government, and $3,485 is locally raised.

Based on those figures (published by the SC Legislature), and with a student population of 9,168, the district’s total budget should be $75 million.

But members of the Board of Trustees recently told the Powdersville Post, Anderson Independent Mail, and Greenville News the figure is only $54.2 million (or $5,911 per student).

The same Board Trustees also raised personal property taxes on secondary homes, rental properties, vehicles and businesses from a millage of 112 to 118.9. Only one trustee, Wendy Tucker, fought against the hike.

So why the $54.2 million figure? Where is the other $21 million?

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