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More Jim Rex Ethics Antics

Superintendent Jim Rex of South Carolina

The Voice has never been shy about calling out “Dropout Jim” Rex for using taxpayer funds to reward and retain his loyal political consultant, Zeke Stokes (or f0r personal politicking)

In fact, after posting the numbers on how much Rex was paying his former campaign manager, questions from several news sources had Rex scrambling to show just how invaluable his consultant was in educating children in South Carolina.

Now, South Carolinians can see more of Rex’s financial dealings with his trusted consultant.

On Rex’s most recent Ethics Commission filing, the following shows up as a “contribution” from Zeke Stokes

Payment from Zeke

On the same filing, under “Expenditures,” Rex lists a payment to Zeke Stokes for $30.69 for “Printing 2010”-

Payment to Zeke

That’s funny, it’s the same amount! Continue reading