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2009 SC Legislative Wrap-up (K12 EDUCATION)

South Carolina Expectation Advisory

In December and January the Voice posted summaries of legislation introduced in the South Carolina State Legislature.

Here, six months later, is an overview of the status of those and other bills relating to K-12 Education policy.

(Also look for upcoming reviews of Charter School bills, Tax bills, and Budget & Spending bills):

S. 99 Constitutional amendment – high quality education

This Joint Resolution provides that the general assembly shall provide for the maintenance and support of a system of free public schools and shall establish, organize, and support public institutions of learning that will provide a high quality education, allowing each student to reach the highest potential. The bill was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee and did not receive any further action.

S. 134 School discrimination on religious viewpoints

This legislation enacts the Religious Viewpoints Anti-discrimination Act, which prohibits a school district from discriminating against a student based on religious viewpoint. The bill was referred to the Senate Education Committee and did not receive any further action. Continue reading


Pre-Filed K-12 Education Bills (Senate)


We’ve already looked at the pre-filed K-12 bills in the House, now here is an overview of legislation in the South Carolina Senate:

# S. 99, constitutional amendment; introduction of the so-called “high quality” language into the State Constitution. It calls for a re-write of the State Constitution’s mandates on public education. Authors have suggested that cutting and pasting a few words into the SC Constitution will radically improve the $11,480 per student schools. In actuality, this will do nothing more than invite another expensive and fruitless series of lawsuits, reminiscent of the fruitless 10-year “Corridor of Shame” trials. More details about this controversial proposal here. Sponsor: Matthews (D-Orangeburg).

# S. 129, constitutional amendment – eliminating Commissioner of Agriculture, Adjutant General and Superintendent of Education as elected. The intention is to streamline state government and depoliticize responsibilities for administering government services. Sponsor: Sheheen (D-Kershaw) Continue reading