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SC NAACP opposition to school choice: “Bizzarely inconsistent”


Senator Robert Ford’s unapologetic support for school choice has attracted a lot of attention. While many church leaders and parents have echoed Senator Ford’s demand for reform, some politicians and establishment insiders have responded with the usual unfounded rhetoric and fear mongering.

Nationally acclaimed school choice expert, Dr. Andrew Coulson, weighs in on the situation.

The South Carolina NAACP is among the most strident opponents of a new education tax credit proposal in that state that would make it easier for families — especially poor families — to choose private schools for their kids.

But the NAACP’s national platform states that:

The NAACP is a leading advocate of equal access to quality education.  In an effort to promote and ensure education opportunities for minority youth, the NAACP offers the following national scholarships: Earl G. Graves Scholarship, Agnes Jones Scholarship, …. These awards help eliminate financial difficulties that may hinder students’ education goals.

Doesn’t that put the SC NAACP’s position into clear conflict with its parent organization? Continue reading


Senator Vincent Sheheen talks about School Choice

State Senator Vincent A. Sheheen (D-Chesterfield, Kershaw & Lancaster) talks about public schools public education in South Carolina.

Learn more about public school funding in your district, South Carolina’s alarming graduation rate, persistently low SAT scores, the growing Achievement Gap in South Carolina, and the use of HOPE, LIFE and Palmetto Fellows scholarships at private colleges.

Also read about school choice’s benefits in terms of parental rights, student achievement and cost savings; even, how school choice will help public schools.