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Jim Rex Calls for Major Sales Tax Hike

Jim Rex South Carolina Tax Hike

“I think that might be seen in South Carolina as defensible.”

-Superintendent “Dropout Jim” Rex on lifting the sales tax cap on cars, planes and boats

From the time that cuts to the state budget were first considered a necessity, Jim Rex has opposed any actions that would take money from the public education establishment. Despite the fact that South Carolinians in every income bracket are struggling to deal with a negative economic climate, Rex has continued to put on an aggrieved air, and acted as if education bureaucrats are bearing the entire weight of the state’s economic woes. Continue reading


2009 SC Legislative Wrap-up (TAX)

South Carolina Expectation Advisory

In December and January the Voice posted summaries of legislation introduced in the South Carolina State Legislature.

Here, six months later, is an overview of the status of those and other bills relating to tax policy.

(Also look for upcoming reviews of K-12 Education bills, Charter School bills, and Budget & Spending bills):

S. 10 Tax credits for solar, fuel cells, etc

This legislation allows a state income tax credit equal to twenty percent of the credit allowed against a taxpayer’s federal income tax liability for qualified expenditures on photovoltaic, solar, and fuel cell property. The bill was referred to the Senate Finance Committee and did not receive any further action.

S. 12 Revision of tax study committee

This bill establishes the South Carolina Taxation Realignment Commission and provides for its membership, powers, duties, and responsibilities. The legislation provides that the commission must conduct a comprehensive study of the state’s tax system and submit a report of its recommended changes to further the goal of maintaining and enhancing the state as an optimum competitor in the effort to attract businesses and individuals to locate, live, work, and invest in the state. Conference committee was appointed and the bill was taken up on June 16th. Lawmakers approved the measure provided the commission can’t consider details of Act 388 (a tax swap the legislature passed in 2006 that replaced property taxes on residential property with a two-cent increase in state sales taxes).

S. 67 Tax credits for metal detectors Continue reading