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Probe into PACT Cheating Scandal Comes Up Empty?


A SLED investigation into MiShawna Moore, erstwhile darling of the South Carolina education establishment and suspected test “tailor,” has come up with nothing.

As principal of Sanders-Clyde Elementary, a chronically failing public school in Charleston County, Moore came under heavy suspicion when PACT scores at her school suddenly shot up above district and state levels. When tests were carefully monitored, scores dropped significantly in every subject; drops that were characterized as “unusual” and “much greater” than other schools. Equally troubling was the higher-than-usual number of erased and corrected answers.

Moore-and other school employees- insisted that the scores were legitimate, and that drops could be blamed on harsh test monitors denying students snacks.

The Associated Press reports that the SLED investigation into the situation has ended, with nothing to show for it.

It is everyone’s hope that there was no altering of test grades, and that somehow the numerous and incredibly sketchy indications of illicit conduct are pure happenstance, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Hopefully, the schools overseers in Charleston County and in the SC Department of Education will continue to look into this situation, and prevent more children from being similarly short-changed.


Gluttonous Education Spending News

News Roundup: Gluttonous state and district administrators clamor for more money while classroom teachers worry about their jobs.

  • Talk of diverting Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) funds and shortening the school week to keep school buses fueled.
  • Anti-reformer Bob Walker receives a surprise endorsement from a biased journalist (in a race he isn’t even running in).
  • Dismal student performance throughout Beaufort School District may require state or federal “corrective action.”
  • Charleston Post and Courier editorializes for more state oversight and third-party grading of PACT / PASS as Clyde-Sanders cheating scandal drags on.

Cheaters Prosper at Sanders-Clyde Elementary


The media-focused PR machine at the State Department loved Sanders-Clyde Elementary School in Charleston.

While public schools serving low-income and minority children across South Carolina had long been stagnant, Sander-Clyde looked like a brilliant exception.

In press release after press release the Department hailed the uncharacteristic gains in student performance at Sanders-Clydde, suggesting that public schools might break from decades of stagnation and a widening race and poverty gap.

The Department heaped awards, recognitions and distinctions on Sanders-Clyde, and in a short time the school jumped from an “F” to a “B” in absolute ratings, and earned an “A” for its improvement pace.

But it was all a big lie. The principal was cheating by altering the students’ annual PACT tests. Continue reading