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Entitled Educrats hit the beach for Public-funded Pampering


Classroom teachers struggle as “Educator” elitesĀ  indulge in a publicly-funded pampering.

This has been a rough year for classroom teachers in South Carolina’s public schools.

The 2008-09 school year began with over $11,480.00 in per student appropriations but teachers saw just pennies on those dollars. According the South Carolina’s Budget and Control Board, only 44 cents per public dollar was actually slated to reach the classroom in the form of “instructional spending.” The rest went for spending on items as varied as private golf course memberships to questionable out-of-state travel reimbursements for so-called Educational Leaders (or “Educrats“).

Then a downturn in tax revenue collections began to chip away at the state portion of that public school funding. Continue reading