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Education Bureaucrats: YOUR money, OUR politics


Q: Who is using public money and positions to fight parents calling for school choice?

A: Seven registered lobbyists and dozens of full-time staffers!

Real School Choice is wildly popular.

Parents in South Carolina know that every child is unique and the one-size-fits-all public schools are leaving thousands of students behind.

In recent weeks hundreds of parents have been advocating Choice at the statehouse; imploring lawmakers to consider expanding school choice options to K-12 education. Many who come to Columbia are surprised to see that high dollar lobbyists and publicists, paid with public money, are already working in the hallways of the Statehouse to fight the Choice legislation.

Even more offensive, some of these taxpayer subsidized politicos are claiming to speak for the parents and children in South Carolina.

Among those fighting to deny low- and middle-income children more equal access to independent school classrooms are the SCEA, SCASA, and SCSBA.

Here is a brief run down of each:

South Carolina Education Association (SCEA)

SCEA Masthead.jpg

The South Carolina affiliate of the far-left National Education Association (NEA) teacher union, the SCEA is infamous in the Palmetto State for using public money (in the form of teachers’ and bureaucrats’ dues) for direct cash “donations” to their favored politicians. Their pay-to-play style of politics also includes close relationships with high-dollar education contractors who profit from South Carolina’s stagnant and failing public schools. Continue reading


Why Bureaucrats hate School Choice


Public money? Children’s futures? It’s all just a game to government school monopolists!

School Choice is a simple concept.

Every child is unique. Each has their own learning strengthens and challenges. One-size-fits-all schools don’t work for all students.

Expanding access to a wide range of classrooms ensures children attend schools that suit them. It also rewards and encourages involved parenting, the real key to student achievement.

Public policies of school choice are wildly popular among parents. They also save public schools money.

Still, bureaucrats, unions, consultants, politicians and others who benefit from the sustained under-performance of South Carolina’s public school system are fanatically committed to fighting against choices for parents.

Parents who rally behind School Choice often wonder why their tax dollars are being spent to fight such a no-nonsense reform.

Two recent newspaper articles (one in Post and Courier, the other in the State) shed light on the “logic” of those who defend the status quo. Continue reading

SC Schools Boards still breaking state laws

Money for registering your employees to vote? Great idea if you can tell them who to vote for!

It is very easy for pundits to be critical of the public school establishment in South Carolina.

Public schools in the Palmetto State are home to some of the lowest test scores and the highest drop out rates in the entire country. South Carolina is also known for an award-winning principal caught cheating on standardized testing. Don’t forget the nation’s fastest growing race- and wealth-correlated student achievement gaps.

But no one will argue public school bureaucrats are politically ineffective. Continue reading