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Rex Says Administrative Travel Costs Are “Justified” (VIDEO)

In his televised “State of Our Schools” talk, Rex addressed an uncomortable question posed by The Voice: If schools are so broke, why are many administrators running up bills at a “Leadership Conference” in Myrtle Beach that they fully intend to hand off to the taxpayers back home?

Besides trying to minimize the question with condescending laughter, Rex pointed out that only 800 bureaucrats were in attendance, unlike the 1800 that attended last year. Additionally, representatives from some of the state’s most challenged schools were in attendance, and the issues facing them must be addressed in the setting provided by the SCASA ( South Carolina Association of School Administrators) “Leadership Conference.”

Rex finished off by pointing out that a significant portion of the state’s tourist revenue comes from Myrtle Beach, and that cancelling the “long-standing” SCASA conference would be detrimental to the tourism industry.

So taxpayers should pony up for district bureaucrats to take a sea-side vacation because they don’t want tourism revenues in Myrtle Beach to decline? Even in times of economic prosperity, people would balk at this kind of expense ( if they knew) in the name of “education.” How much more now, when teachers are being laid off, and parents are being warned that class sizes and their property tax bills could be increasing?

Some administrators chose not to attend, and to spare local parents the burden of paying for the trip. Others felt that attending was important enough for them to pay for the trip out-of-pocket. Tough times call for tough spending practices, and trips to Myrtle Beach don’t fit that description.


Superintendent Thomas White Still Thinks He Is Right

For months now, Spartanburg taxpayers have been royally outraged at the deceit and mismanagement displayed by disgraced Spartanburg District 7 figurehead, Superintendent Thomas White.

Somehow sensing that diverting education- designated dollars to a country club during a recession was a guaranteed ticket to taxpayer outrage, Superintendent White tried to rectify the situation… by doing it in secret.

This from The Herald Journal

“District leaders still act as if there was nothing wrong with their decision earlier this year to give $325,000 of taxpayers’ money to a private country club to which three board members and the superintendent belong. They act as if there was no problem in discussing this plan behind closed doors, adding it to their agenda at the last minute, and basically doing what they could to keep the deal hidden… It wants its constituents to believe that there was nothing wrong with the deal or the secrecy in which it was made, that only a few troublesome individuals questioned it.

It’s nonsense, and the people know it. District leaders continue to erode public trust and confidence as they try to twist the perception of this issue.”

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Spartanburg Superintendent White at it again!

South Carolina’s favorite anti-School Choice zealot, Superintendent Thomas White of Spartanburg District 7, is back with more of his “zany” taxpayer-funded antics.

Among other recent White highlights endured by the scandal-weary parents and taxpayers in Spartanburg:

Superintendent White publicly argued for “honkering down and protecting the classroom” and “accepting responsibility” as parents demanded his “immediate resignation” for White’s allocation of $200,000 in school money to a private golf club he is a member of.

Superintendent White and his lawyers defended themselves against accusations that the  golf course payout was illegal by insisting parent and taxpayers’ opinions do not make his decisions “right, wrong or indifferent.”

Superintendent responded to concerns about the three persistently failing schools in his district by insisting that choices about the education ought to be in the hands of education bureaucrats rather than parents.

Superintendent White used his new high-dollar district logo to advertise grassroots Astroturf meetings about public school choice limited public school transfers.

Spartanburg 7 Slaps Parents in the Face…Again


Political Spin and AstroTurfing – paid for by you!

Spartanburg School District 7 is rapidly gaining in notoriety around the state. Unfortunately all the attention has been gained by unethical and unwise practices by the District 7 School Board, and by the monumental arrogance and ineptitude of Superintendent Thomas White.

Previous to the uproar over “Golf Gate,” White has taken every opportunity afforded by his position as a district employee to sanctimoniously tell parents that he knows what is best for families in Spartanburg County.

His favorite means of doing this? Telling parents that he has already provided every option that they could ever need for educating their child, so they should not be allowed to have any others.

Basically, it doesn’t matter how badly White and the board mismanage tax dollars, or how far short they fall of high academic performance in District 7, the district bureaucrats still fundamentally don’t believe parents could pick something better for themselves. Continue reading

Spartanburg Taxpayers Outraged Over Unethical School Board Decision

On February 3rd, school board members from Spartanburg School District 7 faced the outrage of Spartanburg taxpayers over their widely-criticized decision to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Spartanburg Country Club for access to gold facilities. In addition to being called out for massive waste and mismanagement during a financial crisis, school board members are being condemned for unethical voting on a conflict of interest ( three school board members are also members of the country club), and violating the Freedom of Information Act by making the decision behind closed doors. Continue reading

Thomas White is Smarter than You


In a recent opinion column, Superintendent Thomas White of Spartanburg District 7 made his position very clear: he is very smart and deserves to make choices about where his children attend school. You on the other hand, the parents and taxpayers of South Carolina, aren’t as bright and don’t deserve the same for your family.

Nevermind that White is a public servant, chosen by democratically elected officials.

Nevermind that White puts bread on his table through a government salary, financed by your hard earned tax-dollars.

And nevermind that as a public school administrator White’s job is merely to implement and orchestrate public policies, not to use his public position to advocate or author them.

No, White is still smug enough to waste ink on the pages of the Spartanburg Herald Journal belittling the grassroots advocacy of low- and middle-income families who want to enjoy the same privileges that wealthy families already have: equal access to a wide range of effective classrooms for their children. Continue reading